Questions and Answers

Many clients have questions before translation work can begin. You may find answers to some of yours below. If not, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can clear things up fast.

How long have you been translating?

I’ve been a freelance translator for nearly a decade now and I rely on my university education and the professional experience I’ve gained in various fields.

Do we need to meet?

Probably not. I provide an online translation service and in all likelihood, we’ll be able to take care of any issues by telephone, email or Skype. If you’re in the Berlin area, a meeting may be possible at short notice.

Do you work with a contract?

Yes. A contract protects both your interests and mine and defines the working relationship. By accepting a translation quote, you agree to the Terms of Use.

Do you use translation memory software?

Yes. I use a browser-based translation memory tool. This helps me complete your translations more efficiently.

Can you make notarized translations?

While I’m still in the process of becoming a notary, if you need your translation notarized, I can easily arrange it.

How long do you need to complete translations?

I average roughly 2,500 – 3,000 words a day, depending on the text. However, I may be booked for previous translations. We’ll set a deadline that will work for both of us and include it in the proposal.

Do you only translate into English?

Yes. My mother language is American English and although I’m fluent in several other languages, I only offer translations into English. This ensures the best possible quality for your translation and a much faster turnaround time.

Can you translate into British English?

Certainly. I’m completely versed in North American and British orthography and standards.

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